Wisconsin currently has two Medicaid waivers/programs that can serve children, including a TEFRA program and a home and community based 1915(c) waiver. It recently unified its three waivers for children into one universal waiver. All waivers are based only on child income without regard to parent income. For more information, see Wisconsin's page on Services for Children with Delays or Disabilities.

Wisconsin charges a Parental Payment for children who participate in the Children's Long Term Support waiver. This payment is only charged for families with children between 0 and 18 years of age. The payment is a percentage of the costs of the program, ranging from 0-41%, depending on family income. Children in the TEFRA Katie Beckett program have no parental payments. More information on Parental Payments can be found on the What Does It Cost? page.

Wisconsin also has several adult-only waivers, including Family Care Waiver and Self-Directed Support Waiver.

Advocacy Organizations in Wisconsin:

Last updated 9/2/2021

Programs in Wisconsin

  • Target Population: Children who would otherwise require care in an institution with any type of disability, including medical, developmental, intellectual, or psychiatric conditions.
  • Ages: 0-18
  • Levels of Care: Intermediate Care Facility, Nursing Facility, Hospital
  • Income Waiver: Yes, the program is based on the child's income only. Parent income is not counted.
  • Waiver Type: TEFRA
  • Spots: unlimited
  • Expiration Date: NA
  • Description: Provides Medicaid coverage only.
  • Online State Information: Katie Beckett Program
  • How to Apply: Call 888-786-3246 or follow the instructions on this page.
  • Waiting List: none
  • Target Population: Children with physical disabilities, serious emotional disturbance, or developmental or intellectual disabilities, including autism.
  • Ages: 0-21
  • Levels of Care: Hospital, Nursing Facility, Intermediate Care Facility
  • Income Waiver: This waiver waives parent income for eligibility, but a parental payment may apply. See What Does It Cost? for more information.
  • Waiver Type: 1915(c)
  • Spots: 11,083
  • Expiration Date: 3/31/2022
  • Description from medicaid.gov: Provides consumer education and training, day services, respite, support and service coordination, supported employment – individual, supportive home care, financial management services, adaptive aids, adult family home, child care services, children's foster care, communication aids/assistive technology/interpreter services, community integration services, counseling and therapeutic services, daily living skills training, home modification, housing counseling, mentoring, nursing services, personal emergency response system (PERS), relocation services, specialized medical and therapeutic supplies, supported employment - small group, training for parents/guardians & families of children with disabilities, transportation for individuals with physical disabilities, other health disabilities, serious emotional disturbance, autism, DD, and ID, ages 0-21.
  • Online State Information: Children's Long Term Support Waiver
  • Official Federal Information
  • How to Apply: Contact your local County Agency and follow these instructions.
  • Waiting List: There are 1516 people with developmental disabilities on Wisconsin's waiting list.