Our site update has been completed! You may notice some subtle visual changes with each page, but this update was primarily to improve the dependability and usability of the site.

The following changes have occurred:

  • All medicaid.gov links have been manually updated. A number of other broken links were also updated.
  • A new section for additional programs has been added to each state page.
  • Adult-only waivers now have their own tab in the additional programs section. Currently, these are just listed, but we will add links for each one this fall.
  • Each page now has a section on Paid Parent Caregiving near the bottom. We will slowly be adding information for each state to this section. This is an issue that is changing rapidly right now, so it will take a year or longer before we know what programs are permanent and how they will work in some states. If you have any information on this subject in your state, please let us know.

This fall we will be doing our usual informational update. In addition to updating the information for each waiver, we will be attempting to update the names of many of the programs, as they have been subtly changed in many states over the years due to best practices in languages regarding disabilities.