Maine currently has one waiver that is open to children, a TEFRA program, that waives parental income.

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Last updated 9/18/23

Programs in Maine

  • Target Population: Children who would otherwise require care in an institution with any type of disability, including medical, developmental, intellectual, or psychiatric conditions.
  • Ages: 0-18
  • Levels of Care: Intermediate Care Facility, Nursing Facility, Hospital
  • Income Waiver: Yes, the program is based on the child’s income only. Parent income is not considered. However, Maine imposes a parental premium for families who earn more than 150% of the federal poverty line.
  • Waiver Type: TEFRA
  • Spots: unlimited
  • Expiration Date: NA
  • Description: Provides Medicaid coverage only.
  • Online State Information: Katie Beckett Information and brochure
  • How to Apply: Apply through the Department of Health and Human Services or online. See this document for more information.
  • Waiting List: none

Additional Information

  • Maine recently created a new Family Home Health Aide program that allows parents to be paid for home health care for minor children. LD 258, PART GGG Sec. GGG-1. 22 MRSA §2149-B is enacted to read: §2149-B. Home health aide services to minors: Notwithstanding section 2147, subsection 2, a parent of a child who is eligible for home health aide services under the MaineCare program may receive reimbursement for providing those services to the child pursuant to this section and according to department rule….No later than July 1, 2024, the Department of Health and Human Services shall apply to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for a state plan amendment to allow for qualifying parents of children and youth with in-home personal care needs who are eligible for the MaineCare program to be reimbursed for providing home health aide services under the Medicaid home health benefit. (Will be codified within Section 40.)
  • Parents who are nurses are able to be paid to provide care for their own children in Maine if they meet exceptional circumstance criteria, including the following:
    1. Have resigned from full-time or part-time employment specifically to provide PDN services to the Member; or
    2. Have changed from full-time employment to part-time employment resulting in less compensation in order to provide PDN services to the Member; or
    3. Have taken a leave of absence without pay from employment in order to provide PDN services to the Member;
    4. Have incurred substantial expenses by providing PDN services to the Member; or
    5. Be needed to provide an adequate number of qualified nurses to meet the Member’s plan of care because of labor conditions or intermittent hours of care.

Further information is available through the MaineCare manual, section 96, with the relevant section downloadable here (p.21).