District of Columbia

The District of Columbia currently has one program that is open to children. It is a TEFRA program that waives parental income. See this page on the DC program.

DC also has several adult-only waivers, including Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Individual and Family Support, and Elderly and Persons with Disabilities.

DC Advocacy Organizations:

Last updated 9/27/22

Programs in District of Columbia

  • Target Population: Children who would otherwise require care in an institution with any type of disability, including medical, developmental, intellectual, or psychiatric conditions.
  • Ages: 0-18
  • Levels of Care: Intermediate Care Facility, Nursing Facility, Hospital
  • Income Waiver: Yes, the program is based on the child's income only.
  • Waiver Type: TEFRA
  • Spots: unlimited
  • Expiration Date: NA
  • Description: Provides Medicaid coverage only.
  • Online State Information: Health Check Information Page for TEFRA/Katie Beckett, as well as this page, or this fact sheet.
  • How to Apply: Follow the instructions on this page or Contact the Department of Health Care Finance, Division of Children’s Health Services, Attn: TEFRA/Katie Beckett Coverage Group, 441 4th Street, NW Suite 900S, Washington, DC 20001, HealthCheck@dc.gov. This fact sheet also gives application information.
  • Waiting List: none