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Arkansas Medicaid Waivers

Arkansas currently has three waivers that are open to children. Two are HCBS 1915(c) Medicaid waivers and one is a TEFRA-like program. While the TEFRA-like program and Autism waiver waive parental income, we do not know whether the ACS program counts parent income or not. See this Guide to Services for Children with Disabilities for general information or this page on Waiver Services.  

Arkansas also has several adult-only waivers, including Elder Choices, Alternatives for Adults with Physical Disabilities, and Living Choices Assisted Living. 

Other Programs in Arkansas:

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  • Target Population: Children who would otherwise require care in an institution with any type of disability, including medical, developmental, intellectual, or psychiatric conditions.
  • Ages: 0-18
  • Levels of Care: Intermediate Care Facility, Nursing Facility, Hospital
  • Income Waiver: Yes, the waiver is based on the child's income only.  However, a sliding scale family fee may be charged.
  • Waiver Type: 1115
  • Spots: unlimited
  • Expiration Date: 12/31/2017
  • Description: Provides Medicaid coverage only. This waiver is identical to a TEFRA program except that it allows the state to charge a sliding-scale family fee to middle and upper income families. See its renewal application for further information on family fees and guidelines.
  • Online State Information: TEFRA for Children or TEFRA Information
  • How to Apply: Apply at your DHS county office.
  • Waiting List: none
  • Advocacy/Support Group: Let us know if there is one.

Alternative Community Services

Also called ACS

  • Target Population: Children and adults who have developmental or intellectual disabilities, including autism.
  • Ages: all ages
  • Levels of Care: Intermediate Care Facility
  • Income Waiver: unknown
  • Waiver Type: 1915(c)
  • Spots: 4403
  • Expiration Date: 6/30/2021 (renewal in progress)
  • Description from medicaid.govProvides case management, respite, supported employment, supportive living, specialized medical supplies, adaptive equipment, community transition, consultation, crisis intervention, environmental mods, supplemental support for individuals with autism, IIDR, or DD, ages 0 to no maximum age.
  • Online State Information: Waiver Services
  • How to Apply: To apply for Children's services, call 501-682-2277.
  • Waiting List: There are 2955 individuals with ID/DD and 52 children on the waiting list.
  • Advocacy/Support Group: Arkansas Waiver Association

Autism Waiver

  • Target Population: Children with autism.
  • Ages: 1-6
  • Levels of Care: Intermediate Care Facility
  • Income Waiver: Yes, the waiver is based on the child's income only.
  • Waiver Type: 1915(c)
  • Spots: 150
  • Expiration Date: 9/30/2015 (we are attempting to confirm if this waiver was renewed or extended--waiver remains active)
  • Description from medicaid.govProvides consultative clinical and therapeutic services, individual assessment/treatment development, lead therapy intervention, line therapy intervention, plan implementation and monitoring of intervention effectiveness, provision of therapeutic aides and behavioral reinforcers for children with autism, ages 1-6.
  • Online State Information: Waiver Services and this brochure entitled Arkansas Autism Partnership for more information.
  • How to Apply: Call 800-342-2923.
  • Waiting List: There are 2955 individuals with ID/DD and 52 children on the waiting list.
  • Advocacy/Support Group: Arkansas Autism