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Update Completed

January 10, 2017

As of January, we have updated all states with the latest information available. See an error or have further information? Please send us an email!

We will update all states once again in the fall. 

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2016 Update has begun!

September 12, 2016

We have begun our update for 2016. If you have any updates about programs in your state, please let us know! We anticipate having all states updated by the end of 2016.

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Fall 2015 Update Completed!

October 20, 2015

We have just completed our Fall 2015 update! The following was performed during this update:

  • A listing of adult-only waivers was added for each state in the summary section of each state's page
  • Terminated waivers were removed
  • 2014 and early 2015 waiver renewals were updated with new information (when available)
  • All links were checked and updated

Waivers continue to change, and state information and websites also change frequently. Please let us know if anything has changed in your state, or if you have additional information available.

We will begin our Spring update in March 2016. At that time, we hope to verify any pending renewals and update links.


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Update starting September 2015

July 21, 2015

Beginning September 2015, we will be performing a complete fact-check and update of information. This will include updating our lists of federally-approved waivers, website links, and state information. If you have any corrections to make or additional information to add, please pass it along to us.

We aim to provide the most current, updated information, but we rely on families and states to help us keep up with the continually changing information on waivers for children.

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Phase III Completed!

March 2, 2015

We've completed Phase III, which involved adding additional relevant state programs, such as early intervention programs, to each state page. We've also added statewide advocacy organizations for each state.

Do you have another state-based program to add? Or a statewide advocacy or disability rights group? Please contact us and let us know.

We have a list of about 15 waivers that are currently on extension or have been renewed recently. Unfortunately, the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has not been updating the online database when waivers are renewed or extended. Until they do so, we cannot update our information unless the state provides us with a copy of their waiver application. We hope that CMS will update their database soon, and in the interim, we will contain trying to obtain waiver applications from states.

As always, please contact us with clarifications or corrections.

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Adding Advocacy Info

January 16, 2015

We have begun Phase III, adding additional state programs (such as Early Intervention and programs for children with special health care needs). We are also adding statewide non-profit advocacy organizations. These include organizations such as Family Voices, the Protection and Advocacy organization for each state, and so on.

Currently we are about 1/3 through the states. We hope to finish this project by March.

If you know about a program in your state, or you have a statewide non-profit to add, please let us know by contacting us.

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Phase II Completed

October 15, 2014

We recently completed Phase II, creating separate pages for each state with general state information and details about every waiver. Please help us out by verifying that your state's information is correct and providing additional links or information about your state or programs. Remember, we only list programs for kids under 21.

We have 22 waivers that are currently listed in the federal database as operational but past their expiration dates. Most of these have been renewed, but the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has not yet updated their renewal dates and forms. Some are on extension, pending legal cases or CMS approval. We will attempt to verify the status of these waivers over the next month.

We will begin Phase III, Advocacy information, on November 1, 2014. During this phase we will be adding state-based and program-based advocacy organizations to state pages.


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